Coding4Fun Book: The people and the projects

Dec 10, 2008 • 3 minutes to read


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Our Coding4Fun book, _Coding4Fun 10 .NET Programming Projects for Wiimote, World of Warcraft, YouTube, and More _officially released to the world last week. Unlike your typical .NET development book, Coding4Fun is about learning how to use your developer skills to do fun, cool projects (see below for the full list). All of the .NET projects are in VB and C#, with the exception of the XNA chapter as XNA only supports C# at this time.

I wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who helped write, edit, and review our book’s content, especially Laurel Ruma from O’Reilly publishing for all of her work and for being a great advocate for our book!

Coding4Fun: The People


**Brian Peek **- Brian authored several of the chapters in the book and he’s been a regular Coding4Fun contributor, he’s a C# MVP, he built the Finalizer, the .NET Battlebot, and he’s the developer of the ever-so-popular Wiimote and Wiifit .NET Library. Brian wrote the Alien Attack XNA game, Windows Home Server Mail, Wiimote-Controlled Car, Holiday Lights chapter, and contributed to the Twitter and Wiimote Whiteboard chapter.


Johnny Chung Lee - Johnny was a PhD student from Carnegie Mellon University that became Internet famous by showing how you can use the Wii Remote’s IR tracking capabilities in innovative ways. His YouTube videos have been seen by millions and were ranked amongst the top rated YouTube videos of all time. Johnny was also named one of the 2008 Innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review and is joining Microsoft as a full-time hire. Johnny co-authored the Wiimote Whiteboard chapter (watch video).


Gabor Ratky - Gabor is the Lead Developer on AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft, a tool that brings a Visual Studio-like experience to building World of Warcraft addons including a visual designer, rich editor, and fully-featured project system (100K+ downloads). Gabor co-authored the World of Warcraft RSS Reader chapter.


**Clint Rutkas **- Clint is the Content Strategist for Coding4Fun and he’s built some pretty impressive projects including the Disco Dance Floor and the Segway Skateboard. Clint co-authored the TwitterVote chapter.


Dan Fernandez - And of course me. I worked on the InnerTube, PeerCast, Lego Soldier, Warcraft RSS Reader, and TwitterVote chapters.

Coding4Fun: The Projects

Alien Attack

Create a 2D clone of Space Invaders with XNA, including how to build for the PC, Xbox 360, and Zune.


LEGO Soldier

Create a 2D side-scroller game with Popfly Game Creator and custom LEGO characters built with LEGO Digital Designer.


World of Warcraft RSS Feed Reader

Building an in-game RSS Reader that synchronizes feeds from your PC to World of Warcraft.



Download, convert and sync hundreds of YouTube videos to iTunes and Zune.



Stream videos on your home PC from anywhere in the world without special hardware using Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PnRP).



Create custom online (Silverlight) polls for Twitter.


Windows Home Server Mail

Read your email remotely from Windows Home Server without needing Exchange Server.


Wiimote-Controlled Car

Hack a remote-controlled car so that you can control it using a Nintendo Wii Remote.


Wiimote Whiteboard

Create an interactive virtual whiteboard using a Nintendo Wii Remote’s IR tracking.


Holiday Lights

Synchronize your holiday light display with music to create your own light show.


For more information on our book and/or for links to the code for each of the projects listed above, visit


TwitterDrive - Tweets are the next evolution in message protocols

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