Announcing Visual Studio 2010

Sep 29, 2008 • 2 minutes to read

Since I’m a Visual Studio fanboy, I love hearing about the future of Visual Studio, now officially named Visual Studio 2010. While the team is taking a measured approach to disclosure, something they haven’t done in VS 2005/2008, I did get the scoop on the future of Visual Studio Team System with Norman Guadagno, the Director of Product Management on what the key themes are for this release.

Norman Guadagno: Announcing Visual Studio Team System 2010

There’s a lot more coming and Brian Keller from Channel 9 has a ton more videos coming this week with demos all week long on the Channel 9 Visual Studio site.

Video Schedule

Architecture Day (Tuesday, September 30th):

  • Overview from Cameron Skinner
  • UML designers
  • “Top-down design”
  • “Bottom-up design”

**Business Alignment **(Wednesday, October 1st):

  • Overview from Lori Lamkin and Stephanie Saad
  • Agile project planning and reporting
  • Enterprise project management

Software Quality (Thursday, October 2nd):

  • Overview from James Whittaker
  • Test Case Management
  • Manual Test Runner
  • Historical Debugger
  • Impact Analysis

**Team Foundation Server **(Friday, October 3rd):

  • Overview from Brian Harry
  • Branching and merging visualization
  • Enterprise Team Foundation Server Management
  • Team Foundation Server Setup
  • Migration & Synchronization
  • Team Build

While the team is primarily discussing Visual Studio Team System now, as Norman alludes to, you can expect to hear about a whole slew of new features at the Professional Developer’s Conference in October, and some more at TechEd Europe 2008 in November.

**What about bits? **Unfortunately the team hasn’t released any public bits that you can play with to try these features hands on.

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