Popfly Game Creator Goes Beta

Sep 02, 2008 • One minute to read

Congrats to the Popfly team for moving Popfly Game Creator from alpha to Beta and adding a bunch of handy features. For the full rundown, check out the Popfly Team Blog.

Here’s a few of **my **favorite features

Inserting images into a game * Alpha (before): You had to manually build XAML and manually upload images for an actor and make sure the URL is * Beta (after): Native support for adding images to an actor

**Playing Audio ** * Alpha (before): Popfly let you play built-in sounds with no code, but if you wanted to play a custom sound clip required custom JavaScript code * Beta (after): No code to play custom sounds

Testing Different Scenes * Alpha (before): You had to manually play the game to get a scene or add a custom keyboard shortcut to load a scene * Beta (after): Built-in support for previewing any scene

Customizable actor collisions * **Alpha (before): **Your actor “hit box” (the area for actor collisions) was either a square or a circle and you could not make it smaller * **Beta (after): **You can drag and drop the hit box and make it larger or smaller

All-in-all, lots of good, meaty features for Game Creators.


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