Goodbye to Bill Gates Links

Jun 28, 2008 • 2 minutes to read

Yes, it’s Bill’s last day, here’s a collection of videos for your viewing pleasure:

You should also check out the Bill Gates Retirement Party on Gizmodo and Bill Gates Day on Engadget

There was a company meeting today at 9am to say goodbye to Bill with Bill and Steve. MSNBC wrote an article on the meeting, here’s a quick snippet:

> > _On his final full day at Microsoft Corp., Bill Gates went on stage to reminisce with his longtime friend Steve Ballmer, and neither man could hold back tears as Ballmer handed Gates a large scrapbook as a farewell present._ > >
> > ... > >
> > _..He was introduced to fellow freshman Ballmer by a mutual friend. On their first date, they went to the movies to see an unlikely back-to-back showing of "Singing in the Rain" and "A Clockwork Orange."_ > > > > _Ballmer, who has famously danced and jumped around stage at conferences, described a similarly silly and uninhibited Gates that evening._ > > > > _"So we come back from the movie, we're kind of dancing, we're both kind of playing Gene Kelly, and some guy wrestles me to the ground in our dorm," Ballmer said. It fell to Gates, who hardly qualifies as burly, to fend off the fellow student._ > >

Bill, you will be missed :(


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