List of Microsoft employees mentioned in Microsoft 2.0

May 05, 2008 • 2 minutes to read

I just finished reading Mary Jo Foley’s new (unauthorized) book, Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post Gates-Era.

Amusing Part #1 came for me when I read the forward which was written by Mini-Microsoft, in Mary Jo’s words, Microsoft’s most (in)famous internal blogger.

It’s an entertaining read for me personally for a couple of reasons, like the fact that friends, colleagues, and other cool projects at Microsoft are mentioned (including me which was a complete surprise), and because Mary Jo has a much broader view of all of Microsoft than so many of us have and it’s fascinating to hear Mary Jo’s balanced views on what she thinks is in store for the future of Microsoft.

I’ll post a more detailed review some time later, but as other folks might find this interesting, here’s the list of current and former ‘softies mentioned in the book in alphabetical order by first name:

  1. Abolade Gbadegesin
  2. Adam Barr
  3. Alexander Gounares
  4. Amitabh Srivastava
  5. Bill Buxton
  6. Bill Gates
  7. Bill Hilf
  8. Bill Veghte
  9. Bob Muglia
  10. Brad Goldberg
  11. Brad Silverberg
  12. Brian Arbogast
  13. Brian McAndrews
  14. Chris Jones
  15. Cori Hartje
  16. Craig Mundie
  17. Dan Fernandez
  18. Dan Kasun
  19. Dare Obasanjo
  20. Dave Cutler
  21. David Treadwell
  22. David Vaskevitch
  23. Don Ferguson
  24. Don Mattrick
  25. Eric Rudder
  26. Grant George
  27. Horacio Gutierrez
  28. Iain McDonald
  29. J Allard
  30. J.D. Meier
  31. James Hamilton
  32. Jason Zions
  33. Jim Allchin
  34. Jon DeVaan
  35. Jon Rosenberg
  36. Julie Larson-Green
  37. Kathleen Hogan
  38. Kevin Johnson
  39. Kevin Turner
  40. Kurt DelBene
  41. Lewis Levin
  42. Lili Cheng
  43. Mark Lucovsky
  44. Marshall Phelps
  45. Martin Taylor
  46. Mike Sievert
  47. Mike Walker
  48. Mini-Microsoft
  49. Pat Helland
  50. Randy Granovetter
  51. Ray Ozzie
  52. Robbie Bach
  53. Robert Herbold
  54. Robert Scoble
  55. Sam Ramji
  56. Satya Nadella
  57. Scott Di Valerio
  58. Scott Guthrie
  59. Soma Somasegar
  60. Stephen Chapman
  61. Stephen Elop
  62. Steve Ballmer
  63. Steve Berkowitz
  64. Steve Guggenheimer
  65. Steve Liffick
  66. Steven Sinofsky
  67. Tami Reller
  68. Ted Kummert
  69. Tom Gibbons
  70. Yusuf Medhi

Biggest shocks that weren’t named in the book in some capacity

  • Lisa Brummel, Christopher Liddell, Paul Flessner, and Anders Hejlsberg

  • Updated 5/6 to add Adam Barr who’s blog was listed in the appendix on Mary Jo’s short list


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