Top 10 Interesting Nuggets from the Microsoft GDC Keynote

Feb 21, 2008 • One minute to read

  1. The US video game industry revenue is now $18 Billion and continues to grow.

industryrevenue 2. Games have not only surpassed the movie industry, they have also surpassed the music industry (source: Jupiter Research)

gamessurpassmusic 3. 7 different Xbox titles sold over 1MM units in the 2007 holiday season

1millionsold2007holiday 4. Xbox has the highest number of games rated > 80 by Metacritic

80orhigher 5. As well as an even higher number of games >90

90orhigher 6. Xbox Live has unlocked 1 billion achievements

1billion_achievements 7. Over $250 million spent online through Xbox Live (just content/games, not subscription revenue)

250mil 8. Innovating on Xbox Live - Video is Popular: Halo 3 Save Films has 30% more videos uploaded to it than YouTube on a daily basis (Halo has 100K+ videos uploaded every day)

halo 9. Announcing Xbox Live Community Games - Democratizing Game Distribution - Anyone can upload games, but they are going to be peer reviewed by the XNA Creator’s community

distro 10. With XNA Game Studio 3.0, you’ll be able to build games, including multiplayer games, that can run on a Zune (video below).

[XNA Game Running on a Zune

XNA Game Running on a Zune](

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