This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8th Episode

Feb 08, 2008 • 2 minutes to read

This is Episode #2 of This Week on Channel 9 a weekly recap show of our favorite things for developers including Channel9 videos, samples, bloggers, news, and much more.

This week we cover:

  1. Changes to the show based on feedback, our name courtesy of Ian and ChadK, and Benny Hill style set adjustments including more light! (0 - 2:45)
  2. Microsoft and Yahoo: What could it mean for developers and Brian Shapiro’s Coffeehouse thread (2:45 - 7:59)
  3. Windows Server 2008 Launches, Alex Hinrichs, Windows Server Project Manager talks about Server Core, his favorite feature (7:59 - 9:32)
  4. Under-Reported Windows Vista SP1 features for developers via Tim Sneath including new kernel, and 3.0 SP1 red-bits (9:32 - 12:30)
  5. Charles Torre’s Lang.NET interview with Erik Meijer, Gilad Bracha, and Mads Torgerson including Gilad’s soundbyte on whether C++ is dead, and discussion of people loving to hate C++ (12:30 - 14:56)
  6. Free Tool for LINQ: LINQPad by Joseph Albahari (14:56 - 15:40)
  7. Guitar Matey: Building a 3D XNA Game by Dan Waters (video)found via Coding4Fun (15:40 -16:35)
  8. CodeProject: Windows Forms Wizard Control with Visual Studio Designer support by Manish Kumar, found via Jason Haley’s blog (15:40 - 17:51)
  9. Brian’s Pick of the Week: MySpace adds WCF and Silverlight support for developers, via Michael Scherotter (17:51 - 19:02)
  10. Dan’s Pick of the Week: Screen-scraping function that converts HTML tables from a Web site into a DataSet, by Mark Smith (19:02 - 20:30)
  11. Wrapup, Superbowl predictions from last week, college insults, and a clip on Alex Hinrich’s getting banana cake and a nice pen (20:30 - end)

The Bill Gates Interview

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