Episode 1 of our Weekly Recap Show is up

Feb 01, 2008 • 2 minutes to read

Kudos to Brian for editing everything last night, I think he’s sleeping on my couch right now, but our video is now live, check it out as we go through lots in this episode

Episode #1 Recap

  1. MSDN Code Gallery went Live (found on Greg Duncan’s Cool Thing of the Day blog)
  2. Jason Olsen’s App Compat C9 Video
  3. Pavel Bansky’s Tetris on the .NET Micro Framework
  4. C# Future Focus: Dynamic Lookup
  5. Joel Spolsky on SQL Server 2008 Reset and Phil Factor on Microsoft doing their homework
  6. Dan interviewing April Reagan on MSDN Help
  7. Shawn Burke’s Tip on disabling optimiziations when debugging reference source code.
  8. Dan with Scott Guthrie on IIS7 hosters for Mix
  9. Dan and Scott Guthrie on Windows, Web, and RIA and talking about how he built the asp:calendar control
  10. Brian and Dan mock each other’s hair and how he “poked” Dan’s wife on Facebook.
  11. Facebook releases JavaScript APIs using Nikhil Kothari’s Script# Library
  12. CodeProject: Eric Williams HTML Editor control article
  13. Josh Holmes Code to Live Video: What Richard Hale Shaw finds exciting in C# 3.0
  14. Joel Pobar’s MSDN Magazine Article: Create Your own Language Compiler, Lawrence Pit’s OOK # .NET
  15. Second Life replacing their scripting runtime for LSL with Mono and future .NET languages coming.
  16. Brian’s Pick of the week: Nic Fillingham’s Custom Rockband Drum Kit at CES
  17. Dan Pick of the week: Greg Dolley’s port of Quake 3 from C to C++/CLI
  18. It Came from the internets: What every Microsoft employee does on a conference call
  19. Recap: email us at [email protected] and send us your name requests
  20. Brian’s Superbowl predictions

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