Cribs for Geeks: Who's Geek-Crib would you want to see?

Oct 11, 2007 • 3 minutes to read

Jeff Sandquist is looking for potential Microsoft employees who wouldn’t mind showing how they’ve pimped their house with technology like X10, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server, and more.

This is an awesome idea and it rocks that Jeff and team are doing this. Amusingly, I dug up an old email from June, 2004 with Jeff and I talking about doing this, but he wouldn’t be able to until July because he was slammed. wanted to get Jay Bazuzi to do this given that before Windows Home Server, he had a crazy home network with multiple domain controllers.

So, besides Bill Gates’ house (which has its own Wikipedia article), who’s _Geek-Crib _would you want to see? These are in no particular order

  • J Allard - I bet he has a really, really nice home theater system * **Eric Gunnerson **- I’d save this for the holidays for when Eric has his lights up. Eric also had hacked his Pocket PC into a remote control * **Craig Symonds **- Brian Keller had tried to get Craig to let us tape his house as he has a home automation hookup, but I don’t think it ever happened * **Jay Bazuzi **- Jay’s always tinkering with cool stuff and is one of the go-to folks for Windows Home Server. * **Scott Guthrie **- Well, because he’s Scott :) * Scott Hanselman - Back in 2004, Scott and I talked about a similar idea about doing a “Tech Eye for the Regular Guy” where we give you a total Geek makeover with Media Center, Xbox, Home Theater, you name it. Scott’s apparently got a killer setup now too, can’t wait to see that video * **Clint Rutkas **- Is there any doubt the guy that could turn his apartment into a Disco Dance Floor wouldn’t have a bad-ass pad? Well Clint did recently move so maybe in a few months :)

Non-Microsoft Folks Cribs

  • Brian Peek - If his house has even some of the cool stuff he’s written about on Coding4Fun, then this should be a fun demo * Phil Torrone - Phil’s always working on fun, cool projects on Make and of course art work that would make for an interesting tour * Jeff Atwood - If his crib is anywhere near as cool as his PC-making skills, this would definitely be an interesting video
> > #### "Who's crib do you want to see?" > >

PS - I still think we should do Tech Eye for the Regular Guy - Send Scott, Clint, Brian

PPS - Hanselman’s caption from this photo of our ‘04 conversation cracked me up: Right to Left: Bill Evjen (Reuters and countless books, including one on WSE and ASP.NET 2.0 Beta), Ari Bixhorn, the Adam Sandler of Group Program Management, and Dan Fernandez. One day we will all co-host Saturday Night Live together.

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