Making an educated seafood choice

Jul 17, 2007 • One minute to read

Courtesy of Jana, next time you’re out to dinner with friends, remember to pull out your handy Seafood guide provided by Seafood Watch so that you can make an educated choice on seafood entrees and avoid over-farmed or bad-for-the-environment choices.

Without it, you’d never know that folks on the west coast should avoid Atlantic Cod, imported Swordfish (domestic is fine) or Yellowfin tuna. If nothing else, whipping out the guide and letting your dinner party aware of your intellectual seafood superiority. I suggest placing the card in a front shirt pocket and raising it above your head like a soccer (futbol) referee would signal a “Yellow Card.”

Bonus points if you yell “Goooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal” if they order from the approved seafood entree list.


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