Microsoft + Facebook Partnership

May 24, 2007 • 2 minutes to read

Today at Facebook F8, Corporate Vice President Dan’l Lewin announced a new partnership between Microsoft and Facebook. * Popfly Facebook Block: Available immediately, we’ve added the Facebook block which prodices access to Facebook data including the User Profile, Friends, Photos, Photo Albums, and Events. * Leverage Existing Blocks: You can build Facebook applications using Popfly blocks like Flickr, Digg, Soapbox, Twitter, Windows Live, Xbox Live, and Virtual Earth. * Silverlight Support: Another big win here is Facebook has native support for Easily build next generation applications using Silverlight. With 24 million users and 40 billion page views a month, this is a huge, huge win for getting native Silverlight support on Facebook * Visual Studio Support: The Facebook Developer Toolkit enables developers to build applications for Windows, Web, or Microsoft Office.

Here’s a screenshot

And here’s a view of the results, the images are dynamically retrieved from a user’s profile.

It’s not just Popflyers, any of the 14 million Visual Studio Express downloaders (and pro Visual Studio customers as well) to build Facebook applications using the Facebook Development Toolkit and build application ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms and any other

Check out the Showcase page for more information including ASP.NET Quickstarts and video tutorials.

For configuration on Popfly, click the “Needs Key link on the Facebook block” or select the Video Tutorial and you’ll see a Facebook configuration block

Big props to Doug Handler and Christopher Griffin on our team, the adCenter team, the non-pro team, and Dave Morin and the rest of the Facebook team. Perhaps I’m biased, but this is the biggest developer partnership from Microsoft I can think of.

I’m at the all-night hack-a-thon so I’ll be publishing live pictures a bit later.

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