Developer DJs - Is the Participation Era going to hit the dance floor next?

Feb 26, 2007 • 2 minutes to read

No, this isn’t about coding for live, but rather a relatively new movement called Live coding where DJs both mix and code during a live performance. As regular blog readers know, I’m a fan of Developer DJ’s like DJ Bolivia who has some great mixes for when you’re coding.

There’s even a concurrent programming language, ChucK, for real-time audio synthesis.

**Live Media Stream Editing **I’d love to see this taken to the next level where a DJ could easily edit/manipulate a live video stream of interesting images and video, say using XAML in real-time and have the UI actually change and react to the current tempo/bass of the music.

So what the hell does this mean for your regular night out clubbing?

**The Participation Era and the Dance Floor **I’d also love to see a way where both the music and media stream editing can change and react based on users behavior. While DJs do a great job of understanding and buiding the general vibe of a club, the concept of particpation in both music and media. Imagine a dance club with heat maps, pressure and motion sensors that can react and change the music based on real-time interaction with the crowd. All you have to do is dance and the software will recognize the mood of the dance club. Second, imagine being able to send real-time pictures to that live video stream at any time and have the DJ remix your experience live…

Too geeky? Technology for the future? maybe, but becoming a co-DJ without even knowing it (no hardware, just a specially designed dance floor) is an interesting if not amusing possibility


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