What Random Stuff do you have in your office?

Dec 14, 2006 • One minute to read

After spending three years here, our team is moving from Building 42 to Building 17. I really liked Building 42, besides being more modern, the 42 dwellers seem to be much more in-touch. For example, Bldg 42 housed many well-known bloggers like Chris Anderson, Soma, Scott Guthrie, Don Box, among others, and I frankly don’t know any Buiding 17 bloggers (give a shout out if you see this). My only complaint about Building 42 was the damn COM+ lab with whom I’ve battled way too many times with contuously-beeping power surge hardware.

**Random Stuff in my office **Why is you never realize how much junk stuff you have until you pack it? Here are some of the gems that I found in my office: * A Bad Hair Book * The Encyclopedia of Hell - This should be required reading for cube dwellers to properly categorize evil co-workers and to know what level of hell you are in during a project. * A miniature tiki god from Bora Bora * An Initech Mug * A McDonald’s Happy Meal Monster Toy that glows in the dark when you pull its arms * A Fart Alarm Detector * A C# Shot Glass

What random stuff do you have in your office?


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