Coding4Fun v2 Update: Final Designs

Oct 19, 2006 • 2 minutes to read

Thanks again to the 160+ of you who voted on the Coding4Fun redesign! As you know, the Glass design took first place, but many of you loved (and even emailed me) about Metal’s icons and I liked them too and the team at Personify Design has been working on incorporating these two together into the final (for now) designs below:

This is what the home page will look like (roughly), it’s Vista + Metal icons and some of the Orange feedback thrown in too

Coding4Fun Home Page

Level 2 Sample: Gaming Sub Page

Here is what the second level page would look like, say after you clicked Gaming and your in the Gaming section:

One thing to note here is that each of the categories above will have its own icon (where the RSS icon is now).

Next Steps It’s been terribly long since Coding4Fun has been updated. I’m sorry, but we are trying to accelerate as much as possible here and we have very cool content just itching for you to see. As such, we’re doing what we can to get the site up and running now and can work on refining afterwards.

  • Our goal is to have the site up by Halloween at the absolute latest. Lots of folks are working hard to make this happen and there may be content bugs as all of the existing content needs to get pushed over to the Coding4Fun blog (aka our new publishing tool)
  • We’re pushing most of our new samples (or updated samples) to the Channel9 Sandbox which should give folks a way to give feedback on the samples as well.
  • We have some cool Halloween Coding4Fun articles in store for you too :)

**Feedback **Your feedback is always welcome on the design and/or ideas for future articles.


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