Coding4Fun - Round 1 Voting is in!

Sep 28, 2006 • One minute to read

Round 1 of voting for the Coding4Fun Redesign is over and thank you for the 120+ of you who let your opinion be known!

**Special Thanks **Before we get started, I wanted to give special thanks goes out to Personify Design, the design and development company that created these very cool designs.

**Scoring **Scoring was a little tough and I tried to be as fair as possible. If someone listed a design as “#1” I made that vote count as their vote. If someone listed design #1 or #2 and didn’t list a preference between 1 or 2, I gave each a 1/2 vote. That being said, there was a clear winner in the bunch as the results show.


  1. Glass with 42.3 votes
  2. Metal with 27.8 votes
  3. Clean Orange with 27 votes
  4. Vista with 13 votes
  5. Comic with 8.8 votes
  6. illo with 1 vote

**Next Steps **The good folks at Personify will now work on tweaking the Glass design and show some ideas around the second level page (drilling into one of the top level areas like Windows, Web, Gaming, Hardware). You’ll be invited to vote on the next set of designs once we get them, more details coming soon…


SQL Server Express on Vista

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