Vote Today For Your Favorite Coding4Fun Redesign

Sep 20, 2006 • 2 minutes to read

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are redesigning Coding4Fun and we want you to help choose the new design.

Redesign Summary The current content on Coding4Fun is disorganized and primarily structured by author or event. This makes it frustrating to find the content on the site. For Coding4Fun v2, we are redesigning the site content into four major categories driven off the Coding4Fun blog:

  • Windows - Utilities, Sidebar gadgets, etc
  • Web - Web apps, mashups,etc
  • Gaming - 2D games, graphics mods, etc
  • Hardware - Robotics, web cams, etc

Content is not mutually exclusive so that an article like Dance, Dance Revolution which would be in both the hardware and game categories. In addition we’ll have a “News” and an “Events” category, the former being a blog with aspirations to be half as good as the Makezine blog (kudos to Phil).

Feedback** **Feedback on our design is open to anyone, feel free to respond directly in the comments here. Make your feedback constructive, and be as specific as possible about what aspects of the design you do/don’t like. You can of course mix and match feedback, like part of design 1 and part of design 2. The better your feedback, the more likely we are to act on it.

**Popularity contest Yes, this is a shameless popularity contest (most popular design wins) although there are no rules, be nice and don’t vote more than once. Deadline Since we have a lot of cool content just waiting for the redesign to finish, the deadline for voting will be one week, by Wednesday September 27th for this round of feedback. Future deadlines for the sub-pages (like the gaming, and Web catgories) may be even shorter so stay tuned! **

**The Designs **The designs below are conceptual designs for the Coding4Fun home page (level1). In total, there are six different designs listed in alphabetical order. Click on the design thumbnails below to open the full-size image.

**Design #1 - Clean Orange **

Design #2 - Comic ** **

**Design #3 - Glass **

Design #4 - illo ** **

Design #5 - Metal ** **

Design #6 - Vista ** **

Vote Now! **


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