Dan's Events: July, August, September

Aug 11, 2006 • 2 minutes to read

I’ve been hustling and bustling, spreading the word about Visual Studio Express as usual.

  • **July 21 MGX, Orlando **(Internal only, Microsoft Global Exchange) - All public demos are on Coding4Fun.
  • July 25 - Microsoft Intern Fair, Redmond: John and I did the dog & pony show, all public demos are on Coding4Fun and on Channel9, you can find Ivan Mladenov’s DIY Junktop Revival project
  • July 26 - LSites.org session, Seattle: This one was interesting as I got to present and hear from folks in the education space who are interested building the skills necessary for students to enter the workforce. My advice is to find folks who can think outside the box and who have decent communication skills.
  • August 12 - Student Ambassadors, Redmond: Our Student Ambassadors rock, besides being really bright, they have an innate passion for technology.
  • September 4 -11 - TechEd Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: I’m bringing Angie (the wife) along to Kuala Lumpur where I’ll be giving two talks, a C# Tips and Tricks and a session dedicated to Coding4Fun with some cool new apps I’ve been tinkering with.

I’m really looking forward to TechEd Malaysia, both for the vacation (we’re also taking some time off in Langkawi), and of course to meet up with some of my favorite people like Tim Huckaby and Matt “Matty” Hardman.

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