Microsoft & CareerBuilder Partnership

Jun 30, 2006 • One minute to read

[I’m so behind on blogging]

If you didn’t hear (eWeek, StreetInsider, ITBusinessNet, WebProNews) Microsoft and CareerBuilder recently announced a new partnership aimed at helping Visual Studio developers find jobs through a new portal with links to .NET jobs, salaries, and even learning content for job switchers. I love this, many props to Doug, Chris and everyone that helped make this happen. My personal opinion is that technology companies need to do a much better job of increasing their customers skills and in making sure they are aware of the career opportunities available to them. Why? Because technology choice is more than a logical exericse, there’s an emotional aspect that is way too often ignored and underserved. If we can help Microsoft developers be employed better than other vendor, we win. I’m definitely excited on how we could even expand this to help employ Micosoft DBA’s and System Administrators.

If you have other suggestions for how we can help customers be a better partner in your career, let us know.

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