Follow up stories - 2004, 2005, 2006

Jun 27, 2006 • 2 minutes to read

**July 2004 - **The Seattle Air Conditioning Lie - Another summer, another big increase in the number of blog hits for people searching on “Seattle Air Conditioning”. Yes, with high’s in the 80’s, Seattle is beautiful outdoors, but muggy as hell indoors. There are, of course, those that continue to perpetuate the myth (you know who you are, sweating in bed at night, miserable yet too proud to admit that you’re miserable).

Here’s a recent comment from that post by “Mike”: __

_Amen Dan. I’ve lived in Seattle for six years with my wife (a fellow blue badge) and we tried to live the lie, but this year I think we’re gonna break down and get a/c installed. I work in a home office and you are 100% on target; our uber-insulated house bakes at 80 degrees all day long and it’s a cooker inside by 5pm, so much so that halfway through the day I’m packing up the laptop heading for the nearest air conditioned coffee shop. Moreover, the house gets to a peak 81/82 degrees inside and won’t cool off to 70 degrees until 4am the next morning, just in time for the sun to come up and start baking it again. _

This of course leads to our 2005 update…

**December 2005 Coolest.Job.Ever **- Who knew, blog hiring actually works. While it does put much more work on you, the individual blogger to sort and sift through resumes and schedule follow up interviews and such, the end result is worth it as we hired Doug Handler, (and his wife Jen into MSN) a couple of months ago. As this is Doug’s first summer here, he’s been coming in every day this weekend complaining about how uncomfortable it is to try and sleep when you’re sweating and keeping the window for him is even worse as his neighbors have yappy dogs that don’t include mute buttons.

**June 2006 **Justice 2.0 - How Not to Steal a Sidekick - Evan’s tail of recovering his friend’s Sidekick proves the disbelievers wrong, the 17-year old gets in handcuffs, and the hope of justice happens against impossible odds. The infamous sidekick will even be auctioned on eBay!



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