April Fool's Day Special on Channel9 & Coding4Fun

Mar 31, 2006 • 2 minutes to read

April Fool’s Day is always one of my favorite holidays and having development skills means you can take pranks to a whole new level. Check out our Coding4Fun April Fool’s Day special that includes Interviews and Demos:

Interviews (soon to be on Channel9) We interviewed several Microsofties on what it’s like to work in an environment where pranksters run wild.

Mardella Brekke and Dee Dee Walsh - A crazy assortment of pranks, from adding flames to cars, to creating web sites to mock co-workers.

Larry Osterman and Dave Norris - Larry and Dave relate old-school Microsoft pranks, including the fact that Dave started the “Save the blibbet campaign”!

Paul Yuknewicz Paul talks about hazing new recruits and office decorations

Habib Heydarian and Anson Horton Anson and Habib talk about their April Fool’s bogus spec for extending Edit & Continue for the Web months while Visual Studio 2005 is in lock down mode.

Demos & Code

When AutoCorrect Goes Bad - How you can automate Word’s AutoCorrect for both good and bad (includes video demo)

Where did that sound come from? - Ever wondered how to programatically change your system sounds? Ever wanted to do so to mess with friends? Learn how (includes video demo)

Randomly Opening CD Tray - Jeff Key shows us the magic of randomly opening CD drive through the magic of Pinvoke. Sweet :)

Persistent Error Messages - Jacqueline shows the undying and continually scarier messages from the app that won’t die.

Shattering Screen Saver! The ZMan shows how to capture your desktop screen image then have it break into pieces. Visually beautiful :)


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