Coding4Fun sponsoring O'Reilly's Make Magazine Maker Faire

Mar 15, 2006 • One minute to read

Mark you calendars for April 22-23 as Make Magazine is holding one of the coolest conferences you can imagine, Maker Faire. I’ve been a big fan of Make magazine for a while, I mean how can you not appreciate cool projects like Electric Giraffes or Roomba’s playing pool? Plus, the Mythbusters will be there and admission is only $12.50 :)

Well, the Coding4Fun team will be sponsoring Maker Faire and we’ll have lots of fun Express demos to show off that we’ll also host on the Coding4Fun Maker Faire page:

  • Dancing4Fun, a Do-It-Yourself version of the “Dance Dance Revolution” arcade game using touchpad sensors
  • Home Automation using IM - Ever wanted to instant message your house and see if you left the lights on? You can!
  • MSN Spaces photo booth - See how to take a picture and dynamically upload it to your MSN Spaces

You’ll also get to meet and see other Microsoft teams Microsoft Research, Tablet PC showing off Origami, the Mobile team showing off Windows Mobile 5.0, and the Channel9 team will be on-site filming.

Event Details

  • Dates: Saturday and Sunday
  • April 22-23, 2006
  • Location: San Mateo Fairgrounds San Mateo, CA
  • Admission: $12.50 adults
  • Website:

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