Sun and Google announce Web Office *Or not*

Oct 04, 2005 • One minute to read

The cat is finally out of the proverbial bag. Details here “soon”.

Edit: Man, was I (and a lot of the Web) wrong. Sun and Google hold a major press conference to announce, get ready to sit down for this, the Google Toolbar with Java Runtime Environment (JRE). I really have to say this is the biggest “nothing” announcement I’ve seen in a while. While I respect the guys at Sun and Google, do you really think Jonathan’s Schwartz statement “_the world is about to change this week” _is accurate?

I’d be really interested to see how much of Google is running using Java, but I suspect the vast majority is actually in C++. As a company they used to be technology agnostic, some examples below

  • The Google Toolbar, the piece they’re distributing with the JRE is written in C++, not Java
  • The Google Deskbar is written using the .NET Framework 1.1
  • Orkut is written in ASP.NET

Will there be a more compelling announcement in the future? Let’s hope so


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