Meet the C# and Coding4Fun Team's at PDC

Sep 13, 2005 • One minute to read

Woohoo, PDC starts tomorrow!

Check out the C# Developer Center for the full list of C# sessions and ways that you can meet the C# team live and in-person! If you’re not at PDC, we’ll be having an online chat later on this month (more details soon).

I’ll be helping to man the Coding4Fun booth at PDC, along with several cool companies and the C4f usual suspects including Kent Sharkey, Brian Keller, Ed Kaim and even the Z-Man. Stop by and say “hi” as we’ll have some really cool stuff to show off.

**Want to be on TV? **If you have a cool project or hobby, stop by the booth and tell us your story and you may be up on Coding4Fun!

Announced at PDC: The LINQ Project

Half-Life 2 modding with Visual C++ Express and Coding4Fun