The NHL's back

Jul 14, 2005 • One minute to read

Ed emailed me that the NHL owners and players have finally made peace and there will be hockey next year. The question is, will the fans come? This MSNBC article has some interesting quotes. The first two sum up my feelings, especially since I immediately responded to Ed saying that we need to make a road trip to Vancouver to catch a game (there is no Seattle NHL team much to my dismay). The last one highlights the fact that the NHL has to really reach out to its fan base and make things right.

Until today I had forgotten how much I missed the game. All day I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Personally, I am glad it is over and am excited to see them back on the ice! — Dan Earl from Phoenix

Now that they finally got the job done that they were hired to do, Goodenow and Bettman should be fired. In my job, if I ever messed up an assignment this badly, not only would I lose my job, but I’d probably never find work again. — Leslie from Tucson, Ariz.

I will not purchase tickets to a game for at least a year. See how they all like it. — Johnny Davis from Arl, Texas


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