SIC Notes from Localization talk

Jul 14, 2005 • 2 minutes to read

The localization talk had three speakers for a one hour session that ran a bit over. Rough notes below

Speaker #1 Claude Ostfeld

Me and an audience member disagree with the speaker on this one, but when he was asked, he said he meant for bulk purchases (200+ licenses)- Remote partners need to know they can sell - Treat resellers like key clients, be selective in choosing

Treat a localized version as a brand new product

Don’t hardcode english language captions into your software

5 W’s of s/w loc Where should it be sold

  • Direct/Inderict
  • Potential for profit?
  • Decide where you have the most resources
  • Local contacts (packaging/marketing)
  • Using Google or Altavista Don’t use automated translations [French language]
  • doesn’t sound foreign, sounds weird

Focus more on shrink-wrapped software then localization

Jean-Guy Ducreux - Localizing software

Babel Toolbar

Never embed string in your code Resource or ini files Delphi 2005 for Delphi

Unicode - Double-byte

  • Asian fonts need larger size (need to make out the strokes)
  • 9pt as the minimum

BCDS, his company, does localization for French market Top Systems for Germany Use System font (shelldlg for Delphi)

Phil Schnyder

Localization means more then just translation menus, text, dialog docus, help installation icons/graphics (stop sign) character set Dates and Times Currencies ( new Euro symbol) Numbers right-to-left and left-to-right

Translation Kit - the process of translation Don’t need to give source code, just resource files

Give Resource files, not source code Word documents not PDF files Help files in a format that can be edited Separate code from language

Does your product make sense in other territories? (Tax software, baseball stats are two examples that won’t matter in foreign markets) If you build it, will they come? What about sales, marketing, and support? Is it legal? Exporting encryption, copying DVDs - Turkish prisons are no fun

Prioritize for where you think you’ll do the best


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