At the 15th annual Shareware Industry Conference

Jul 14, 2005 • 2 minutes to read

I’m way too busy at the Shareware Industry Conference, but here’s a quick brain dump.

I met with John Lueders of ElmSoftware who created iDo 2005, some very cool looking and useful Wedding software. It’s got 5 stars by CNET. I can tell you that my wife, Angie, would have loved this software. We talked about adding some cool features based on things that I remember Angie complaining about and even expanding into creating a mobile version. If you’re getting married, check this out…

I also spoke with David Mahon, FBI Supervisory Special Agent after his “Cyber Crime” session. His wife works at Microsoft and he’s definitely an interesting guy. He told us some stories about how hackers would break into companies and extort them for money or else they would release their entire customer database (credit cards and all). To show that they had access to this data, they would send them the full list of customers who’s names started with the letter “A” and demand to be payed or else they would release the full list of customers. Ouch!

Michael Lehman has an interesting post about the history of Microsoft and Shareware and how the term “shareware” came from from Bob Wallace, Microsoft employee #9.

You can find more at the event


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