Original Gangsta - VB Rapper

Jul 10, 2005 • One minute to read

Have you heard of NerdCore hip hop? If not, check out Wired’s article Rap Marketing Goes Nerdcore. Whe Wikipedia description is:

  • Nerdcore Hip Hop: Nerdcore hip hop is a musical genre. The name is derived from “nerd” and the “-core” suffix in genre names like “hardcore”.

While the genre has rappers like MC Front A Lot, MC Plus+, the true original was the VB Rapper aka Ari “Bix” Bixhorn (picture below). The VB Rapper rose to fame with his #1 hit single “Caught In the Net”

Alas, “Bix” has moved on to Indigo, but who knows what surprises he’ll come up with on the Indigo team. Below is a t-shirt of one of the new “specifications” he’s allegedly working on:

Download VB Rap Song - “Caught In the Net”

**Extra Credit: How many Microsoft bloggers can you identify in the song?

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