VB's *My* for C# Developers

Jun 14, 2005 • 2 minutes to read

Juval Lowy showed me an amusing code sample at TechEd - “That”. What is “That” you say? “That” is “My” for C#. Confused yet? Good.

As Duncan Mackenzie explains in this MSDN Magazine article “My” is a new feature in Visual Basic 2005 that is a speed-dial into the .NET Framework. Using “My”, you can write code like this:

Dim contents As String contents = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText(“c:\mytextfile.txt”)

Instead of this:

Dim contents As String contents = IO.File.ReadAllText(“c:\mytextfile.txt”)

The challenge with the latter sample is that if you’re brand new to the .NET Framework or never done file IO with .NET Framework 2.0, you wouldn’t know that the File class was in the IO namespace and that it has a ReadAllText method. “My” gives you the shortcut without having to know what namespace or class its under. A few C# developers have been asking for the same functionality in C#, so Juval created a “My” wrapper in .NET that is a static class named “That”. The naming convention being that when VB refers to “itself” it uses the keyword “Me” and when C# refers to itself it “this”, then logically when referring to something else, VB will use “My” and C# will use “That”. VB being “Me” and “My”, C# being “this” and “That”.

Here’s the IntelliSense screenshot of the “That” class

Drilling into Application information….

Drilling into Computer.Network

Here’s some C# code you can use with “That”

bool test = That.Computer.Network.Ping(@www.microsoft.com); That.Application.Log.WriteException(new Exception(“foo”)); long workingSet = That.Application.Info.WorkingSet;

So what’s missing? To be clear, “That” is not everything that’s in “My”, notably the Settings and Webservices sections are gone. That being said (no pun intended), the code is freely available so someone can probably work their magic and do some work to dynamically code gen settings/webservices or scan the setting/webservices proxy classes for changes to make those available.

How’s it implemented? Well you should download That for yourself from iDesign, but the “That” class is, as you might expect, a wrapper for the VB “My” classes.

What do you think? Good idea, bad idea, or just clever naming?

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