Feedback on the Coding4Fun site

Apr 21, 2005 • One minute to read

We’ve gotten a lot of really positive feedback on the Code4Fun email alias and even some like-minded readers who are interested in contributing content. I think this is great and I’m really excited about having the community contribute.

We’ve also gotten some not-so-good feedback that we’ve taken and addressed.

  1. Request: Add an RSS Feed. Complete. We always planned to have an RSS feed for the site and per-column, but the problem with this was really one of schedule. Kent from the MSDN team worked ungodly hours the last two weeks to get Beta 2 out the door and I’d rather we got the site up with no RSS feed then no site at all. The per-category RSS feeds will be added soon.
  2. Feedback: Some people (1, 2) didn’t like the tattoo guy picture. Complete. We’re having our most talented graphic designers adding a tattoo that says “Mom” in a red heart to our new picture.

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!


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