Amusing job "requirements"

Jan 27, 2005 • One minute to read

Edit: Our CRM team says this job posting doesn’t belong to them

I got sent this recently from a Microsoft SDE position (Job ID: 124984)

_….The candidate must have 4+ years of commercial development experience in following areas: .NET Framework, ASP.NET/ASP**,** Advanced Web Services, **WSE**, TSQL, **C#,** C++, SQL Server/database technologies, multithreading techniques, system software development (scalable and reliable), algorithms, and performance analysis…._

I’m not sure who writes these “requirements”, but when I read this I assume that must have skills really mean “must have". Let’s check history:

The .NET Framework 1.0 released in February 2002. That means by next month the most commercial .NET Framework/ASP.NET/C# experience you could have is three years. 4+ years commercial experience just put everyone out of that loop. Or how about WSE? WSE SP1 wasn’t released until March 2003.

So much for common sense. One of my other favorite job “requirements” was J2EE jobs that listed “three years experience using Enterprise Jelly Beans.” Luckily, I really shine in the jelly bean space.


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