Music to Code By

Nov 17, 2004 • One minute to read

In my previous post on Music, Seattle, and the Web, my loyal blog readers (I still respect you all even if the majority of you actually like candy corns) gave some great recommendations for online music in the comments.

One of the links I included was to a mix by DJ Bolivia, who personally emailed me and sent me a link to another mix that I might enjoy. How cool is that?!

It gets better, Jonathan, er DJ Bolivia (web site) and I started exchanging emails and I told him how I always wanted a mix specifically for developers considering how much time we spend listening to music. DJ Bolivia, to my surprise, had some programming experience and decided to take me up on the offer of creating a mix for developers!!

“I Never Expected This”** - Music to Code By, Vol. 1 of 3 **64 minutes of Progressive/Tribal House. Download the MP3, or listen to the stream

I thought the mix was great, what do you all think?


Just Released - Music To Code By Volume 2: "Memory Leak"

Spec# for Visual Studio .NET 2003