Show me some E&C!!

Oct 20, 2004 • One minute to read

There’s been a lot of discussion on C# Edit and Continue, and I thought I would try and share some resources we’ve put on MSDN. * Tool: You can try E&C yourself by using the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition October Community Tech Preview (CTP) - You’ll have to follow the workaround described in the C# Express section of the readme for Windows Forms, and I highly recommend installing the CTP on a Virtual PC * Article: Read more about C# Edit and Continue in this article by 3 Leaf * Demo Video: Watch me demo C# Edit and Continue

The good people at MSDN have just uploaded the video where I walk through using Edit and Continue in C#.

[Aside: I first got to demo C# E&C the day after I fractured my arm on two hours sleep. It’s a crowd pleaser, especially one handed]

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Candy Corn is *the worst* Halloween candy

Visual Studio 2005 Express October Community Tech Preview now available