Create "Notepad" in 12 minutes in this tutorial

Oct 12, 2004 • One minute to read

Okay, I admit that it’s not as fully featured as Notepad, but if you want to learn about some of the IDE features in C# 2005 and you’re a little hesitant to install beta software on your machin, then this tutorial is for you.

**It’s interactive! **Rather then reading an article or watching a non-interactive video, this tutorial walks you through actually building a simplified version of Notepad using Visual C# Express. You’ll learn to: * Create a User Interface * Write code * Debug and modify existing code

The Create a User Interface portion you’ll learn about the docking features, use the OpenFileDialog control and use the and the new ToolStrip control to design the UI.

In the Writing Code section, you’ll learn about the new File I/O methods, use IntelliSense, code snippets and the new “auto-using” feature (see below)

In the Editing Programs section, you’ll learn about refactoring, debugger data tips, and debugger visualizers.

What do you all think? Good? Not good? Do more? Do Less?


Edit and Continue in Visual C# 2005!!

Code Snippets, XML Features and Debugger Visualizers for VS 2005