Fractured Arm

Sep 09, 2004 • 3 minutes to read

I haven’t been blogging lately, mainly because I’m busy and because I fractured my arm. It happened about two weeks ago while playing roller hockey. I was going full speed from left to right and only had the goalie to beat. The goalie jumped out of the net, sending me airborn and I landed on the flat of my left hand. Both me and the puck had gotten past the goalie and the puck was sitting about a foot away from an empty net, but I couldn’t move my left arm to shovel the puck into the net. A defenseman came and cleared the puck and I went to the bench holding my arm. After the scorekeeper (a goalie himself) convinced me to go to the hospital, I changed gear, drove home (one-handed with a stick-shift Wrangler), showered (hockey smell takes on a life of its own) and had the Mrs. take me to the hospital at around 11:30pm. It turns out that Tuesday nights are a busy night in the ER and having gone to the trauma hospital in the Seattle Metro area so car accidents and others less fortunate were medivac’d in throughout the night. I got several x-rays and was given morphine as they had to “manipulate” (aka move in unbelievably painful ways) my arm to see if I needed to be sent to surgery. Even though I was in a good amount of pain, I quickly realized I have it pretty good when the person next to me can barely walk because of bad chest pains or another who is paralyzed from the waist down having been shot five times in the first hour after arriving on a “peace keeping” mission to distribute food in Mogadishu for her Majesty’s Royal Marines (think Black Hawk Down). Five+ hours later I was released with a fractured radius and was told they would need to check whether or not I would need surgery the following week. Luckily I didn’t. The worst part is that I had to give a talk the very next day at 10am and all of my demos are how Visual Studio makes writing code easier, I had to change them in the five hours before my demo. I changed them, went through my script and “slept” for about two hours and warned the audience that I was given the presentation on “drugs” to much laughter. All-in-all, my talk went well. I’ve been in physical therapy quite a bit, and I’m healing fine and most importantly for my job, I’m typing with two hands. I’m in a sling for two months, but I’ll be back on skates soon therafter. In the meantime, I may not be blogging as often as I would like (my blog queue is still way high) but this is mainly because I have a huge workload write now and I’ve signed up for even more work this fiscal year. Sigh.


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