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Aug 05, 2004 • 2 minutes to read

Ouch, this morning I experienced the pain Cyrus felt recently, I had to listen to 80’s music for the drive into work on C89.5 FM. Painful. I only listen to C89.5 when Howard Stern is on commercial (which last approx 10 minutes and happen every twenty minutes). I definitely agree with Cyrus though, Nocturnal Transmission rocks. If you’re a developer working late and need some peppy music to keep you up, you should definitely tune in.

**Reader Question: How many of you listen to music while working/writing code? What genre(s) of music do you listen to? **From my experience it’s a pretty big number. When I’m working I tend to listen to house, lounge, or hip-hop, and then throw in the Drum and Bass when I’m sleep deprived. If I had way too much disposable income, I think I would just make mixes explicitly for code warriors. The label would have some nerdy reference like “Version 3.0 Records” or something similar and I would have a listening booth at nerd events like TechEd and blogger conferences. The only music that I know of that was geared towards computer geeks was - Soundscapes for comprimising a remote host, but they shut down a while ago. As did DJSnoop which rocked while it was up and Christian and Kris from had some great mixes (note: the last one is shameless plug)

Here’s my quick list of music resources I use for the web:


If you’re not a dance music fan, then you’ll like Strongbad’s techno music creation techniques

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