MSDN Product Feedback Center and Personalization Engine

Jun 29, 2004 • One minute to read

MSDN has some huge announcements for Beta 1 as Kent, Sara, and Duncan (all burning the midnight oil to make this happen BTW) all point out.

**MSDN Product Feedback ****Center - **

What is it?

The MSDN Product Feedback Center is the way that you can file bugs and provide product suggestions for Visual Studio 2005. The bugs you file are actually added to our internal bug tracking database and you’ll be able to see real time information on bugs/suggestions. Listen to SaraW on Channel9 give you the rundown


**MSDN Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center - **

MSDN Personalization Engine

The MSDN personalization engine is your personalized view into those things you care about on MSDN. Simply register, fill in the areas you’re interested in when signing up for the service and we’ll provide you customized news headlines and lots more. Stay tuned as we’re just starting to roll this functionality out….


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