C# Express RSS Screen Saver Starter Kit

Jun 29, 2004 • One minute to read

RSS Screen Saver Starter Kit in C# Express

One of my favorite features of C# Express is the built-in RSS Screen saver Starter Kit. If you’ve never built a screensaver before, or if you have never written code that uses RSS, then you’ll find the RSS Screen saver a great way to start programming.

In a nutshell, the RSS Screen saver is a screen saver that lets you select and validate an RSS feed, select a background directory for images to loop through, and the screensaver will loop through the items in the RSS feed.

The Screen saver displays the list of RSS items and loops through each one and shows the contents of the feed in the right hand side. It’s got lots of cool GDI+ transparency features that you can take and use in your application as well as a simple library to read RSS feeds. If you have feedback on what features you want added to the screen saver, submit your suggestions to: the new MSDN Product Feedback Center.


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