Bill Gates to blog?

Jun 25, 2004 • One minute to read

The Seattle Times seems to think so. Eric Rudder is officially our first exec to blog (at least not anonymously) and S. Somasegar, our devtool Corporate VP is in on the action too.

I’m trying to think of all the cool things I would want to know about Bill:

  • Does he believe in K&R, Allman style or something totally different?
  • What’s his favorite programming language?
  • How does he go about learning new technology?
  • Does he play Xbox Live? If so what’s his GamerTag?
  • Does he ever get frustrated by losing an Xbox game and throw the controller in disgust?
  • Does he answer telemarketing phone calls? How does that go?
  • If he had to buy a country, which one would he buy and why?

What would you want to know?


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