Nascar Ballet

May 13, 2004 • One minute to read

Fascinating, I would totally go see this (from NewYorkish)

NASCAR ballet

_“How do you get people in a small Southern city interested in the performing arts? You do what a ballet company in Roanoke, Virginia did and develop NASCAR ballet, a show where “modern dancers (who represent cars) circle a forty foot horseshoe track that banks around the corner complete with break away railings.” And how do you fund such an unusual project? You follow NASCAR’s lead, of course: “As the dancers gracefully careen around the track, collide and are rebuilt, logos of sponsoring companies are displayed prominently all over their bodies.”” _ I brought this up during my TechEd Dallas talk, but Nascar and technical product demos have a lot in common. You don’t go to high speed performance, you go to see the crashes.


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