.NET beats J2EE for development work in 2004

May 12, 2004 • One minute to read

Do you still think .NET is “not yet?” Forrester Research recently published a survey of 878 North American technology decision makers asking what their primary development environment for 2004 will be: .NET or J2EE.

The answer: Overall, the majority of respondents, 56%, say .NET is their primary development environment compared to 44% for J2EE. While the numbers vary by industry, business services (64% .NET vs 36% J2EE) and the public sector (66% .NET versus 35% J2EE) have an even more pronounced .NET advantage. This is pretty good considering we only shipped two years ago :)

My personal opinion is that this research highlights the importance of interoperability across platforms and how the industry should make platform interop as painless as possible. If I’m a developer, I should at least know how to interoperate across platforms, but understanding both platforms will make me a much more valuable asset to my company. If you want to know how to get started interoperating across platforms, you should read the .NET and J2EE interoperability guide that PAG published or pick up a copy of Simon Guest’s .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit.

PS: The full Forrester report is now available on MSDN (Question 3.2) thanks to Duncan and his blazingly fast publishing skills!


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