Chocolate as a Social hacking tool?

Apr 26, 2004 • One minute to read

From memefirst, we see the power of one of the most powerful substances in the world, the cocoa bean. According to this article, it’s strong enough to either make you divulge your password or lie to a researcher. As a chocoholic who needs at least a hershey kiss to “cleanse the pallette” after a meal, I can attest to its awesome power.

71% of Londoners_ accosted in the street divulged their passwords for a bar of chocolate, according to a survey done by an IT security group hoping for precisely that alarmist outcome._

My own conclusion from this research: 29% of Londoners are decent folk not willing to take advantage of gullible researchers; and a whopping 71% of Londoners will gladly lie to strangers for food. Also, 100% of the researchers in this survey should be ashamed of themselves.

PS: The best spa I’ve ever been to is the spa at Hotel Hershey. If you haven’t been to Hershey Park, you should go and you should definitely take in the spa, you’ll thank me later.


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