Fun events for TechEd lounge

Mar 27, 2004 • 2 minutes to read

TechEd Developer Lounge We want to hear from you! Brian blogged about our meeting on Friday, and I’ll chime in on this as I think there are lots of cool things we could do. **Our #1 goal is to make the developer lounge a fun and exciting place for attendees to mingle. **

Are you interested in driving a Warthog to run over MS employees (like me) in Halo? How about seeing_ _Robert Scoble_ in a dunk tank_? Or maybe some air hockey to give your over-presented brain a rest? Or maybe you just want to sit back, relax and have a butler serve you ice cream and snacks while a henna tatoo artist draws a C# tattoo on your bicep. Below is a list of ideas we could do, read and choose which ones interest you

**(1) Playing Xbox **We could get two Xboxes with comfy couches and setup 8-player Halo. If other cabanas join in on the game, we can use webcams so you can see your opponents.

(1.a) Xbox Tournament - We could setup an Xbox tournament, and If we did this, I’d love to get different MS teams to play in some sort of playoff bracket. I know C# has some snipers (AnsonH I hear is deadly), but would you prefer to play against C# or ASP.NET or have them integrated so someone from C# is on your team? Winners get prizes :)

**(2) Carnival/Games **(2.a) Pool table(s) (2.b) Skee ball (2.c) air hockey table(s) (2.d) foosball (2.e) Shufflepuck

(3) Entertainment (3.a) Comedians: Triumph the Dog I’m a big fan of Triumph, and he’d be great…to get a peek of what happens when Triump interacts with geeks, check out Triumph interviewing people waiting to see Star Wars (Hi res || Low res) (3.b) Hypnotist (3.c) Magician (3.d) Signature analyst (3.e) Dunk Tank (3.f) Henna tatoo artists (get tatoos for your favorite language/product)

(4) Supplemental activities (4.a) Bar with margaritas, Jell-O shots (4.b) Butlers - don’t get up, sit back, relax and the butlers will get you a strawberry smoothie, a chocolate chip cookie, and lemon sorbet (4.c) Ice-cream cart, latte cart

  1. **Lottery/Giveaways ** **Misc **Is noise a problem? Are there other ideas you would like to see?

We probably won’t be able to do all of these ideas, and when other teams say “that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard”, we can point to your responses and say “actually our customers are interested in this idea”

Vote now, and rank your choices in order - Ex: 1, 2.c, 4.b


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