ASP.NET is on a Tear!!

Mar 24, 2004 • One minute to read

Wow! Thomas Lewis who works on the ASP.NET evangelism team (and who recently gave me some good feedback on starter kits) sends this gem from Netcraft.

_In this month’s Web Server Survey the**_ number of IP addresses with sites using ASP.NET has overtaken those using JSP and Java Servlets._** __The number of IP addresses found with ASP.NET has shown **very strong growth in the past year with a 224% increase from 17.2K to 55.8K**. JSP & Java Servlets despite being overtaken is the next fastest growing in percentage terms with a 56% increase._

If you’re keeping score at home, Java started in 1996. ASP.NET started in 2002. Within two years we’re ahead, that’s huge momentum!


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