VS 2005 Community Tech Previews

Mar 23, 2004 • One minute to read

As many of you know, and as I had gotten feedback from other postings, our developer division is looking to change the way it ships early releases where before we would have massive betas, 6-9 months apart, now we will ship interim builds (officially called “community tech previews”), and our customers will have early access to code.

Caveat: There are no guarantees that Visual Studio/.NET Framework will be more stable then early versions. A drag and drop designer may not work at all, even though it worked fine in the PDC M2 builds.

Now onto the news, the first community tech preview of Visual Studio 2005 will be given out at VSLive this week!!

Source: Barbara Darrow, CRN (writing about the MBF delay) Yukon, Whidbey Delays Snag Microsoft Business Framework

_"…developers eager to see the latest and greatest Whidbey code will get access to what Microsoft is calling “community technical previews” of that code later this week at the VSLive show in San Francisco. _

“The idea behind these previews is to shorten the feedback loop between developer customers and Microsoft."


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