Holiday & New Year's recap

Jan 13, 2004 • 3 minutes to read

I realized I haven’t blogged for a while, and I needed to at least mention my geeky Christmas gifts. I traveled back east to DC for Christmas and had a great time there with friends and family, then me & the Mrs. celebrated New Year’s eve in New York at Spirit nightclub. Oddly enough, I saw someone who looked like Chris Anderson circa 3am in the VIP section, but my memory and vision were a bit hazy then, so I couldn’t confirm, and walking up to someone and asking “are you Chris Anderson?” seemed a bit weird even for New York. I’ve also only met Chris once, and it was during PDC on the rooftop of “The Standard” hotel, and the conditions for our conversation that night were equally hazy. Anyways, I noticed a couple of days later that Chris blogged (check Day 6) about celebrating New Year’s at Spirit. What are the chances? Chris also went skating in Central Park, which we did too, as did 1/2 of New York the day we went, but we had lots of fun anyways. Now on to the cool stuff I got for the holidays:


  • AverMedia UltraTV - Cable and Radio PVR in one package, sweet :)
  • Sony MDR-NC5 Noise Canceling Headphone - These are a dream for flights with crying babies
  • Mission D1 Roller Hockey Skates - These are a dream to skate on, love ‘em, highly recommended.
  • Targus Mobile Power Inverter - A necessity for anyone that travels by plane or by car.



  • A Short History of Nearly Everything - I was dissapointed by this book as it positions itself as a history of all things scientific, yet it goes into painful detail about the politics and infighting of lesser known scientists. I honestly don’t care if Scientist A didn’t like scientist B, instead tell me how they helped advanced science.
  • Military History’s Most Wanted - This book is a list of lists on all things military including the greatest leaders to the most lop-sided victories in history.
  • Encyclopedia of Hell - If Egon from Ghostbusters needed a real-life Tobin’s spirit guide, the Encyclopedia of Hell would be a pretty good choice. It’s a good cross-cultural reference for all things about the nether region. Interesting reading

Quick Superlatives

  • Best Xbox Game: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • Best PC Game: Halo PC
  • Best Tech Event: PDC 2003

Quick Resolutions

  • Lose weight
  • Never buy a top loading printer EVER again
  • Sleep more

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