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Dec 22, 2003 • 2 minutes to read

This is my first post to and it looks like .text has a bunch of cool features. So far I’m impressed :) I’ve been really busy which is why I haven’t posted in a while, but I wanted to get out this info in case anyone is still searching for presents. In particular, you should bookmark the places I list below for finding gift ideas, buying resources and reviews as they will surely come in handy as you shop for this and future holidays. Enjoy

My Hardware wish list

My Book wish list

Finding Gift Ideas

Buying resources


  • Epinions - Reviews on just about everything
  • cNet - Reviews on scanners, digital cameras, monitors, and much more
  • PC Magazine - Reviews on Hardware, software
  • Amazon - You’ll find product reviews on just about everything Amazon sells
  • MetaCritic - Before you ever buy that computer or Xbox game, check out the review on Metacritic first.

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