Samples for C# Whidbey

Dec 03, 2003 • One minute to read

Shaykat from the C# team sent me an email earlier today about what C# samples we should include for Whidbey. I thought it would be a good idea to ask the blogosphere what samples you would like to see for C# Whidbey. This can range from fully functioning applications, to code snippets, to walkthroughs/tutorials. We’ve been reviewing the .NET Framework Quickstarts, the 101 C# samples, and the C# How-To articles and MSDN help for ideas, but it’s difficult to measure whether these are really effective examples. A lot of the topics will be beginner focused, so if you have strong opinions about what helps beginners understand topics or what worked/didn’t work for you in the learning process this is your chance to change the next release of the product. Please respond with your ideas, and if you have no ideas please let me know what you did or did not like about the .NET Framework Quickstarts, the 101 C# samples and the C# How-to articles.



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