C# Sneak Preview Doc, and C# PDC Sessions

Nov 24, 2003 • One minute to read

C# Sneak Preview Doc

If you want to know about the cool things coming in Visual Studio Whidbey for C# developers, you have to check out the Sneak Preview of C# Whidbey.

Many thanks to Shaykat, Eric, and Joe for helping put this together :)

C# PDC Sessions

If you weren’t able to attend PDC, you can now watch the C# sessions for free streamed….

TLS320 - Visual C# “Whidbey”: Language Enhancements - Anders Hejlsberg, View Session, [Download Powerpoint](Download Powerpoint )

TLS321 - Visual C# “Whidbey”: IDE Enhancements for the C# Developer, View Session, Download Powerpoint


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