Blogging For My Constituents

Nov 14, 2003 • One minute to read

One of my most important constituents, the Mrs. says that I haven’t blogged about her enough. Goldfarb shares his wisdom that I can either spend time with her or blog about her. I agree, but occasionally I’ll find cool stuff that will help simplify her life (I complicate it a bit so anything that helps is a good thing). This sounds too cool to not share:

Nail Color at the flick of a switch from the Scotsman

“WOMEN will soon be able to change the colour of their nails at the click of a switch. Researcher Carlos Gonzalez has been working on an electrochromic false nail at the Cidetec research centre in Spain’ s Basque country. The hi-tech cosmetic accessory is fitted on top of the natural nail and, once in place, can be changed to the colour of the wearer’s choice. The nail is made up of a number of superimposed layers, which are sandwiched between various electrochromic polymers to allow the colours to change.


SWK in Episode III

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