LAN Party Gear & the new old backup technology

Sep 22, 2003 • One minute to read


The next time you’re heading out to that LAN party and you need to transport your tricked out computer, don’t carry it by hand, instead use GearGrip to transport both your PC and monitor. Tom’s Hardware has the product review.

DV Streamer

Tom’s Hardware also has a review of software that creates a new way of using one of the oldest backup technologies around, tape. A software company called DVStreamer has created a way to use miniDV tapes from camcorders as a simple and more importantly **cheap **way to backup all your files. Per the review, the software is still buggy, but it’s a cheap ($50 for the s/w) and easy to backup 8-15gigs on a 60 minute DV tape. Sweet! In a couple of years, it would be great to see this refined, less error prone, and as easy as one click. But then again, I hope we won’t be using tape in a couple of years. I also think Goldfarb needs to get someone to redesign their site before it’s added to the list of unmentionables.


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